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Title: The Cataline Downfall
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The Cataline Downfall


Name: - The Cataline Downfall
Author: - Shane Ward
Genre: - Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Word Count: - 7,946
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E-book Price: - Around  £0.86
Format: PDF


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Aurora Wolf - Literary Journal


The Cataline Downfall will be available to buy in a printed anthology called Aurora of the Mists. It contains a collection of short stories from quality authors and printed in a high quality book with pictures and easy to read text.

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Ellie-Soma, was your typical Cataline teenager exploring her world and enjoying her life to the fullest. That was until her home world was invaded by an ancient alien race called the Krainers. Intoxicated by the telepathic bond that all Cataline posses, the Krainers rampaged through her world and began their deadly campaign that ranged from kidnapping to murder.

But for Ellie-Soma, this was not going to be a tale of just survival; it will be a story about her life, her people and the circumstances she was tossed into. She will lose her friends, her loved ones and she will see her world torn apart. But with unrelenting determination, she intends to save as many of her people as possible.

Join her in her adventure and experience a world beyond dreams and reality. Welcome to the The Cataline Downfall.


Abstract of Story: -
Our world bathed inside a nebula of blue rich gas that encased the entire solar system. Every cycle, another nebula would collide with ours to create a rare and dazzling display that many of our people would wait an entire lifetime to see. When it did occur; our world was bathed in a harmony of god-like art. Our world was paradise, filled with fields of rich green pasture and plants that lit up the night sky as well as offerer a stunning display for all to see during the day.

We’re a race that’s passionate about all things: life, technology and exploration. But when my family talked about the old days, they explained a terrible secret that our race holds about the population of this galaxy.

In the past, an alien race visited our planet thousands of years ago and started a colony. We didn't know them at the time, but as soon as first contact was established, our exotic forms and strong telepathic scent caused the entire colony to descend on us with devastating results. Soon ships arrived and began invading our world. Almost all of our people were raped, mutilated and tortured for not giving themselves up. In the end, mass suicides were the only way to escape. That was before a mysterious 'thing' arrived and took the invading aliens away. The unidentified thing that helped rid our planet from the invading aliens spent many weeks developing the first shield generator and once it was activated, they left.

We never knew who this alien race was, or their motives. But after that incident, we evolved from our scars and turned into a race so powerful we roamed the stars hidden from view.

Unfortunately, as time ticked on, the inner workings of the government went bad. My father used to hide in his office and mutter about the bad times and things that went wrong. Investigations, gangs and the swapping of power were commonplace on our world and it all tracked back to the government.


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Title: Re: The Cataline Downfall
Post by: Shane Ward on June 04, 2011, 04:19:22 am
Hi readers.

If you decide to download this tale of wonders, don't forget to leave a review with Barnes and Noble or Amazon sites. Doing this will increase its position on their lists and inform potential readers about what you thought of the story.

It’s my first real story and your support would go a long way. Huge thanks beforehand and enjoy.