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Name: - Unyielding
Author: - Shane Ward
Genre: - Crime/Sci-Fi/Adventure
Word Count: - 8,350
Format: PDF
Direct Link: -


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Info: -
A battle for right, a battle for a child. One ship, two enforcers with a conflict of interest.

In the distant future mankind sent a ship with five thousand people into the depths of space to colonize a new world called Terra Secondo: Second Earth. But their journey takes 400 years and sacrifices had to be made. Mankind no longer has the freedom to choose its destiny. Families must undergo severe checks before having children and when sex is outlawed, enforcers must discover if they are human or pure machines.

During the final years of the voyage, one enforcer ends up trapped between his loyalties, between his friends and his new illegal child.

What will happen?


Abstract of Story: -
She sat on the edge of the silk covered bed and slowly manoeuvred herself into a cat-like position. She deliberately made sure that her firm butt was aligned perfectly with the lone individual who sat in the corner of the Spartan steel room. Once she piqued his interest, she slowly crawled into the centre of the bed and lifted her upper body towards the ceiling. Her long, blond hair fell perfectly down her round breasts and she slowly began to lower her crisp white thong along slender legs.

"I know what you want," she teased. "I have many skills and I know you must be...very lonely in your line of work."

The man stood from his womb-like chair and strolled towards the gorgeous female posing erotically on the bed. He was just about to touch her succulent tender breasts when someone barged into the room.

"Robert Arturo. We have an illegal birth taking place, you are needed with the extermination squad." The man-who was momentary transfixed by the slender woman as he entered the room-took his eyes off the female and stared at Robert.

The man watched Robert hastily slipped into his navy blue uniform with gold epaulets and run his hands through his greasy hair, trying to hide the embarrassment on his face.  He then led the way through the exit and hastily marched down the passageway, not looking back.

Halfway down the passageway, Robert asked, "What's the location of that illegal birth?"

"Deck 73 habitat ring midsection, sir."

"Are the units in place?"

"Not yet, sir. We're waiting for your signal...sir?" the individual asked with a sneer.

"What it is Maddox?" Robert replied, not slowing the pace, but knowing his comrade was about to ask about the blond girl.

"Sex is illegal on the United Nations Wedline." Maddox shrugged his shoulders. "You know, population control and such. It was a law brought down by the Arbitrators. You know that."

Robert looked into his partner's eyes and felt some level of annoyance. He knew the rules and did not need him to recite them. Sex was forbidden for health and social reasons because the first captain outlawed it after the great disease that started the mass riots. Many people lost their lives and drastic action had to be taken. The breeding program was very selective. Sperm was taken, then examined for the perfect designer baby which would survive the long trip and help build the perfect society on this new world. Natural births were strictly forbidden. Any natural birth was immediately terminated and it became common practice throughout the years.

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