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Minor's Farm
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Minor's Farm
Hunting Ghosts Anthology


Name: - Minor's Farm
Anthology: - Hunting Ghosts: Thrilling Tales of Paranormal Investigation
Author: - Shane Ward
Genre: - Horror/Dark
Word Count: - 6,160
Anthology Pages: - 262
Direct Link: -


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Abstract of Story: -
They came in my dreams more frequently now as I slept in my bed night after night. I don't know who or what they are, but what I do know is they're no zombies, ghosts or creatures from another realm. They were beings that possessed the water and I could not keep them away no matter how hard I tried. They always seemed to sneak in through any crack or open faucet. But one thing I know for sure is that they hated the pink light. It kept them away, a shadow of their former self.

It all started when my brother and me ventured to Minors Farm, which was situated in the middle of the countryside. Settled in the sea of green, this old derelict place had been the target of local gypsies and builders, who disposed of their day's rubbish over the land. A lone graveyard stood next to the farm and it too was the target of these local pests.

An elderly man used to own the farm and he kept an assortment of animals ranging from sheep to cows. With a team of dedicated assistants, the farmer looked after the surrounding land and took additional care of the local graveyard. But that all changed when a tight-fisted businessman took over the lease of the land. His persistent need for rent and harassment throughout the years finally saw the place abandoned.

Now, we stood at the gates of this ill-begotten place, I could only wondered at how beautiful this place used to be.

Minor's farm was made out of three large structures, two shacks and an old Victorian house that had stood the test of time. The farm would have stood for hundreds of years until the businessman stripped the Roman tiles off the roofs and sold them for profit. Left unprotected, the elements tore away at the buildings, causing them to collapse.


Authors Included: -
Forewarning. by Anthony D.P. Mann
Los Fantasmas by Eric Scot Tryon
The Children of the Infinite by Scott Bartlett
She is Gone by Cynthia D. Witherspoon
Alibi Jones and the Ghost in the Machine by Mike Luoma
The Book of Blackthorne by Dorraine Fisher
Blank Pages by Marc Sorondo
MAM by David Thomas
Antiquities by Ellis Bergstresser
Singing by the Fire by Jamieson Ridenhour
Minor's Farm by Shane Ward
Forgotten Memories by Don Beyer
The Old House by Michael Kleen
The Shower that Dripped Blood! by Buck Weiss

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