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Draper Ear Defender
« on: June 14, 2014, 06:41:42 am »
Draper Ear Defender
The Toolbox Anthology


Name: - Draper Ear Defender
Anthology: - The Toolbox
Author: - Shane Ward
Genre: - Horrer
Word Count: - 4,195
Word Anthology Count: - Around 70,000
Direct Link: -


Below you will find the links necessary to order this book. Please note that I do not receive any royalties or payment for this story being in this anthology. If you like the work I have done you are welcome to leave a donation below, thank you.
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Abstract of Story: -
It came by mail, regular postage the normal way one would expect to see a package of its size. Charlie Yates had ordered the ear protection from an online bargain store a few weeks ago and had been waiting patiently for it to arrive.

He had an important interview that could lead him the job of his dreams and he wanted to make a good impression. He had left his old job just weeks earlier because he saw no future in it. With this new one, he saw a chance to progress and make his life important. He wanted to follow his dream and that seemed possible now. So, he reached for the sealed box, unpacked the ear defender and analysed the latest addition to his new toolbox.

It had taken two weeks to gather the equipment needed, mainly because the tools required were expensive and his work was not due to start until tomorrow. With plenty of time to prepare, he inspected the contents and prepared himself mentally.

Carpentry had always been a dream for Charlie. The feeling of creating an object from wood always amazed him. The movement of the required tool, the clarity needed to make art out of a rough, natural object would give him total satisfaction. But to make the best, he had to have the right tools.

Most of the gear he bought came from online stores that offered him the most discount and when he finally finished ordering screwdrivers, saws and blades, someone mentioned that having ear protection would go a long way to saving his hearing. So, with that in mind, Charlie searched the Internet and finally found the right earmuffs.

It all began with advice he found on the Internet. For a nifty price of one pound and free postage and packaging, the red and black earmuffs would provide the ultimate protection from the harsh noise he would be exposed to in his line of work. Charlie could not believe his luck when he stumbled upon the find, so he ordered , waited three days and now he was holding the product in his hands.

Apprehension was high as he peeled back the first layer of sellotape. Upon closer examination, he wondered why the store sealed the box so tight. Most packages he received in the past were glued or had only one layer of tape. Still, nothing wrong with that, the assistant probably wanted to make sure his prised possession got to its destination safely and so he thought nothing of it.