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Terror Outside the 128th Floor
« on: December 06, 2014, 07:54:29 am »
Terror Outside the 128th Floor
Last Night Anthology


Name: - Terror Outside the 128th Floor
Anthology: - Last Night
Author: - Shane Ward
Genre: - Horrer
Word Count: - 2,654
Word Anthology Count: - Around 70,000
Direct Link: -


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Abstract of Story: -
On August 29, 2023, the No. 12 elevator descended, transporting its inhabitants to the lobby on the ground floor. There was nothing extraordinary about this lift as it travelled thousands of miles per day, transporting hundreds of people to their destinations.

Boasting state of the art technology and a cable-less structure, this particular lift broke down frequently and became the sour spot on a breathtaking building. As it was on the outside, it offered customers an awe-inspiring view of the city's skyline and maximised much needed office space.

It was twelve thirty in the multi billion-dollar building in New York City and lift number 12 was the only elevator operating at this time of night. Coasting down from the 200th floor, it had already picked up two passengers who hugged in their respective corners, waiting for the doors of freedom to open. The lift offered no soothing tunes and the left over smell of perfume and clammy office workers still resided in the soft fabric of the floors and ceiling.

The silent bubble finally burst when the bald headed man, named Matt, began, "Looks like the storm's picking up."

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