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Main Statistics
« on: May 19, 2011, 02:23:54 pm »
Statistics: Short Stories


Below is a list of all the stories I've worked on and they're currently going through their stages before they are released to the public. You can check back on the forums from time to time because they would have their own topic and added in the correct place. This page is only a guide.

Personal Tasks:
Updated: - 06/07/2013

Accepted and on Stand By
Home Intrusion

Completed Short stories.
Terminus X (Part 1)
Terminus X (Part 2)
The Girl Who Wanted To Fly
Miners Farm
The Force of Nature
Mail Boy
Terror in London
Goldilocks and the twisted tale
The Three Little Experiments
Terror Outside the 128th Floor
Little Green Targets
The Ear Protectors
Obsessed by Skin
The Cataline Downfall
Black Static
Strawberry Vale

Sent to Publisher (Awaiting Reply)
Terminus X (Part 3)

Beta Reading
The Captains Daughter
Cowboys of Western Valley: Gold Mans Mine
Galaxy Highways
Terminus X (Part 4)

Under Construction
Terminus X

Job Stacked.
Past Love (Under Construction)
Dream Sphere (Under Construction)
Gliese 581
The neighbour
Diversionary Tactic
Desert Foley

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