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Ernst van Rijn
« on: May 19, 2011, 02:45:35 pm »
Ernst van Rijn


Name: - Ernst van Rijn
Fan Fiction Author: - Specter06
Status: - Grammar and Spelling Beta Reader
Profile: -


His Comments: -
Who am I? It’s a question I can barely answer myself. I guess I’m just the average student (okay maybe a little more than average) with too many hobbies. I’m from the Netherlands and at this moment I’m studying computer science/IT/ICT whatever you want to call it. Aside from being very busy studying, I’m writing fanfiction, betaing for Shane and a few others, and various other things like gaming, reading (books, magazines, fanfiction), watching movies and series, listening to music and more. I absolutely love everything sci-fi and have been collecting CD’s and DVD’s (and some high-def stuff) for years. I’m very proud of that collection and I don’t think I could live without it. I love anime and animation too and especially in the sci-fi genre.

Well, that’s only a very tiny piece of me. Now I’m getting to the story writing part. A couple of years ago I fell in love with a movie called Titan A.E., its characters, its storyline. It’s an animated movie from 2000 and I’m not going to tell anything about it. You have to find out for yourself. Just watch and I promise you won’t regret it.

Even before I got involved with its fandom, I’ve been walking around with ideas but never had the courage to start writing until my 18th birthday. Then suddenly I started turning those ideas into a fanfiction story based on Titan A.E. I came in contact with the dying fandom, read dozens of fanfics, collected merchandise and since then I’ve been doing anything I can to save it. But I never thought I would actually get a few people reading. Guess what happened? I’ve turned those tiny little ideas in the back of my mind into a huge saga based on the movie. It’s called Shattered Universe and I’m currently working on the second part. A third and final part is planned but it’ll take some time before I get there. I’m mainly writing it for myself. Anyone who happens to read it, well I hope you like it.

After some time I began to realize that it’s not just a story anymore. I’ve been using that story a lot to escape reality. I find it relaxing to write though I’m also using it to express my emotions. I can be a very sensitive type of guy though I never show it when I’m sad or unhappy. Mostly I use anger to cover it up. But in my writing it really shows. I was feeling depressed some time ago and it was really beginning to show in my stories. Especially the second part of my saga has some very dramatic scenes in it. I’ve really hurt some of my characters. But in the real world, nobody noticed a thing about me. Yes, I use my emotions a lot when I’m writing and that’s what makes my stories different. Maybe I get something of my own published one day but at this moment I’m having too much fun writing this fanfic and helping Shane to get some of his work published.


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