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Anna Karwowska
« on: May 19, 2011, 02:53:52 pm »
Anna Karwowska


Name: - Anna Karwowska
Fan Fiction Author: - akiqueen
Status: - No longer active.
Profile: -


Her Comments: -
Anna is planning to study English and education (and possibly Spanish) in order to teach English at the college level. She really loves books, so probably literature is in her future, or ELL programs. Her parents are immigrants from Poland, so she knows how difficult a language like English is, and wishes to help others with learning it.
Anna enjoys reading and writing, and is a published author. She also enjoys the occasional video game (and will beat your butt with Kirby in Super Smash Bros.).


Projects Beta-Read for me: -
Black Static
Mail Boy
Angel Beats: The Other Half
The Captains Daughter
The Cataline Downfall
Blue Sub No 6: The Year After - (All Parts)
Chosha no Koutougakkou - (Gave up after chapter 2)
Terminus X - (Not complete. Gave up.)

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