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Caitlin M Finley
« on: May 19, 2011, 03:51:52 pm »
Caitlin M Finley


Name: - Caitlin M Finley
Fan Fiction Author: - dragonwriter24cmf
Status: - Grammar, Spelling and sentence Beta Reader
Profile: -


Her Comments: -
I'm sort of an editor-in-training, I suppose. I'm also a beginning ghost writer. Around my regular job, I do beta reading, and writing on several different projects at once, fan-fiction and otherwise. I want to be a professional editor someday. I also want to be a published writer under my own name.

Hobbies aside from writing: Crochet, martial arts, swimming, reading, and chasing my cat. I like chocolate, anime and almost everything science fiction or fantasy. I'm also an amateur astronomer, and I actually have a degree in Astrophysics. Just because. Always looking for new projects to expand my skills, editing or otherwise.


Projects Beta-Read for me: -
Aquatic Destiny
Strawberry Vale
Black Static
Babylon Paradox

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