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Assimilation Mod
« on: May 19, 2011, 04:16:17 pm »


Mod Name: - Assimilation
Author: - Shane Ward
Type: - Mod
Battlezone 2 version: - 1.2 and 1.3
File Download: -


It's A FreeSpace 2 Mod As Well.
Yes you heard correctly, it's also a freespace 2 mod, Do you play freespace 2, well in this game you have the choice of flying the fighters in space, and also the added missions of escorting large ships, from space rock bearing places, to lightning infested nebulas, and if you think it stops there then you are wrong, go on play tests to test the latest in weapons that will easily make a dayweaker in bz2 look like a pepe gun, and ships that can outrun you to..... Also do battle agenst the meanest of all mothers and that is the Space station which can lock on you from a distance and kill you in seconds from close range :)

Also the added booster will get you to places and out of them to....

Large space fering capital ships like the one pictures below will leave you amazed at the firepower they can do to a single Borg ship, but wait, the Borg do adapt to things that approach them and make better and more dangerous ships, and that is where the Old BORG mod will come in......

Not just the ships from freespace 2 but you will also hear the voices of the ships crew as you would in the game and getting your orders from them too...

In space the fighters you will be in, have a free 360 degrease turn but they hover at the set height, sorry no up and down, but you can boost up I think :)

Get lost in nebulas, come across traps, and defeat long range satilights this is a mod that has two mods packed in it all for the same goal, to make Assimilation

So, you have The Borg Mod, and you have Freespace 2, Mash them together and what do you get?

What is Assimilation

I will take you into the world of the Borg race new never before seen ships, Furious Space battles, Deception sneaking, spying and getting it down with nature, this is the mod that any self respecting Battlezone 2 player must have, it could also leave you wondering if you are playing battlezone 2.

The Assimilation mod combines the Borg Race and the Freespace 2 world into one mod; Constructed on the Idea of resistance created by sonic, The Assimilation Mod takes the battle into a whole and public battle.

In the early years an unknown race invaded Pluto, which started a small, and deadly battle, which was hidden in secracy, until now. Many people died and fate was just about running out.

But with some miracle, the Borg race was fought back and the battle lost in time.

Many years later a pilot called Cameron on his normal duties looking for resources but does not realise that he is about to stumble on the most powerful enemy the ISDF has once encountered and hoped they would not encounter again.

With the Borg having there presence on a world and totally taken over and converted it, they will not go away this time.

With the new space wars and updated fleets, this mod will introduce space battles and capital ships from Freespace 2. Massive fights, Space station Massacres, The Borg have begun a war that can only end in one thing.

Comprising of single player missions accessible from the main menu. There is no Multiplayer capacity in this mod.