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Jungle Purification
« on: May 19, 2011, 04:23:15 pm »
Jungle Purification


Mod Name: - Jungle Purification
Author: - Shane Ward
Type: - Mod
Battlezone 2 version: - 1.2
File Download: -


Yup It's out and about.
Welcome to my latest Istant action/Mod type addon for battlezone 2, This map will leave you hooked or making you give up. And I am pretty sure you won't complete it in a day. And the sky is Blue. Last minute change after snapshots where taken

Mire, planet of beauty and all the comforts of earth, After a battle with the scions on this planet, they are back, patrols have not returned and one of our scavenger ports have been taken over, by what? No one knows, an ISDF officer lurking in the hills will fill you in with all the details, but, you are to use 100% caution when entering this world, Your ammo and health have been depleted from the last wars, so you have to watch your self when you enter this world. Intelligence suggest the enemy (The Scions) will be getting help from an unknown enemy, but that is all we have, Speculation. The scions reclaimed this planet, we do not know but you will encounter there fully working base and support from the unknown enemy. It is said that the unknown enemy is only sending units they feel, are needed in this war, and the last remaining scions need this world for the Bio-Metal. We have also lost contact with millions of colonists on this planet, we did not expect any scions to be around, even after 100 years.

Roomers are sketchy but unknown energy readings are being detected on the planet. The energy readings are similar to the Nukes earth used in the old dark days, but more defined, I wouldn't worry to much, The suns solar flare around mire are messing up scanners.

Scientists have also tried to study the scion ships for improvements and it seems that the scions have self destruct systems on there ship which will prevent other life forms in using them (You!) but they don't work all the time, but be on guard, don't get eaten by the jack killers.

Help Tips
In the last mission, when you get that far use the base shield, it will defend your base from archers and other propelled media.

On the constructor mission, the enemy hits you in waves, When power is built you will be instantly attacked, but only when the power is built, then when the factory is built the enemy will get stronger.

Use Lazer towers for better results, use the constructor to upgread your guntowers to Lazer towers, they have the same damage but are faster.