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City Scape!
« on: May 19, 2011, 04:27:08 pm »
City Scape!


Level Name: - City Scape!
Author: - Shane Ward
Type: - Level
Battlezone 2 version: - 1.2
File Download: -


This file has it's own Dll. Please follow the installation instructions in the text files.

The Story: -
City Scape, A peaceful city with the laughter of children and the normal running of life is about to be hit with a deadly war that will leave it's citizens watching through there windows hoping that all this will go away.

Your mission: -
You have to take out the two bases on this planet and when that is done you have to then take out the mad scientist's teleporter, that keeps bringing in the tanks and then see the twisted end.

Well I can't put that down on the web site after the win the mission. But when you have finished the level Look in the txt file right at the bottom. I was Unable to put it in the game!

The Level has the tendoncy to crash from time to time. all the information is in the text files but I don't think you should have to many problems with it. Make sure you save it from time to time.

Movie Clips
There are 3 movie clips in this game. the first one will come on when you enter the game and the other 2 you will get a 30 second warning before it comes on, which allows you to get to a safe place.

That is it.

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