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« on: July 01, 2011, 04:42:40 pm »
You cant travel without one.


I’ve had an idea for a story that’s been popping in my head now and then and its only recently that I decided to write a short story called Navigator. It’s about a race of beings with the ability to navigate Star Ship’s from an out of body experience. Basically they travel on a Star Ship, any Star Ship, and use their powers to guide the ship through slipstream. Otherwise that vessel would collide into a sun, planet or whatever. Not even the most complex computers can calculate where everything is and scanners cannot reach that far before the ship smashes into something.

But this race of beings, called the Plaxes is the only race capable of doing this and they’re sent throughout the galaxy to offer assistance to other alien races.

These being are quite distinctive by the gold headbands (Spirit of Wings) and uniforms they wear and they are also loyal to there captains. With such importance, the Navigators are seen as high priority and even surpass the captain of the vessel. This leads to wars and conflict. But humans have been badly named and shamed and the Plaxes have a definite dislike to them.

It’s a complex story, might be in two stages so watch this space and I will try and get it into aurorawolf as two parts.


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